Water-Saving Products

Using modern technology, it's possible to start conserving up to 80% of the water typically used in older versions of ordinary plumbing fixtures. Explore Kohler's commercial and residential products that will help you to start saving.

Residential Products

Residential Toilets

KOHLER® Toilets that flush 1.28 gallons or less, when compared to a 3.5-gallon toilet, can save homeowners up to 16,500 gallons of water per fixture per year.*
* Based on average usage of a household of four

Sterling WaterSense Toilets

Residential Showerheads & Handshowers
Showerheads and Handshowers

KOHLER 1.75 gpm water-conserving showerheads and handshowers deliver an impressive 35% water savings over traditional 2.75 gpm showerheads and handshowers.

Residential Faucets

Small in size, big on impact, KOHLER faucets with low-flow aerators deliver up to 45% water savings over traditional 2.75 gpm faucets.